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Noctua NM-DD1: Spacers can be ordered for AM5 processors

Noctua NM-DD1: Spacers can be ordered for AM5 processors

Photo: Noctua

Removing the CPU’s heat spreader, often referred to as the “header,” can bring temperatures down significantly, as long as the cooler still fits. Noctua now offers a direct die set for AM5 processors that contains spacers suitable for additional use of various Noctua coolers.

Decapitating the CPU is very risky as it can cause damage and in any case voids the manufacturer’s warranty. In turn, the temperature of the CPU can be significantly reduced, because the heat is transmitted directly from the chip to the heat sink. According to Noctua, improvements are typically in the 10°C to 15°C range.

NM-DD1 Direct Die Set for AM5

Noctua now offers the NM-DD1 Direct Die Kit for AMD AM5 Socket for the sure-to-manageable target group of risk-taking enthusiasts. On the one hand, the kit has spacers placed under the mounting brackets of the cooler to compensate for the gap created by removing the heat spreader. In addition, the kit includes longer screws for mounting the cooler.

Noctua NM-DD1 Direct Mold Set
Noctua NM-DD1 Direct Mold Set (Photo: Noctua)

The set can be purchased from Noctua for “Contribution to expenses 4.90 euros” on online form to be ordered. Depending on the delivery location, shipping may take up to 2 weeks.

Instead, Noctua provides a convenient Templates for 3D printers Separators can be printed by yourself.

Besides, admittedly, Noctua wasn’t very detailed directions Released for direct die cooling on Socket AM5.

However, you should always heed the manufacturer’s warnings about the risks:

Direct die cooling at your own risk! Although high-quality die-casting and direct-forming frames such as the der8auer are carefully designed to minimize the risk of damaging the CPU or other hardware components, there is always some risk of component damage with direct die cooling, for example due to breaks occurring on the edges of bare CPU chips. or short circuit due to liquid metal heat conduction agents. It also voids the processor’s warranty. Thus, use of the NM-DD1 is entirely at your own risk and Noctua cannot be held liable for any damage to CPUs or other hardware components due to the removal of the heat spreader and the use of direct die cooling.