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Nordic Combined – Triple Best: Lamparter with Seefeld Triple

Nordic Combined – Triple Best: Lamparter with Seefeld Triple

Johannes Lamparter doubled on Sunday and was the first Austrian to win the title in a Seefeld triple from Nordic Combine. At the end of the World Cup, the Tyroleans triumphed in front of the German Julian Schmid and the Norwegian Jens Loras Oftebro.

With two points, the world champion took the lead in the overall World Cup. ÖSV teammates Stefan Reitinger and Franz Josef Rehrl finished fifth and seventh, respectively. After winning the previous day, Lamparter marked the first home win by an Austrian in a World Cup final since 2010, and he jumped 108.5m on the cross-country skiing track as leader. Powerful sprinter Vinzenz Geiger was only 16 seconds behind, but was unable to endanger the local champion. Lamparter ran with a strong solo performance for his eighth World Cup victory, his fifth of the season. On the home stretch, he was actually allowed to cheer with a small Austrian flag. “I started the race really fast, and the lead grew bigger and bigger. I wouldn’t have thought about it,” Lamparter said. “But I felt very good, amazing material.”

In the end, I only realize in the fifth or last round that it will work. “When I was at the top of the last climb and on the home stretch – that was one of the most beautiful moments you can have.” The 21-year-old prevailed, 16.5 seconds ahead of Schmid, who is now also the first overall chaser in the World Cup, by 101 points. Stefan Reitinger finished fifth, 23.8 seconds behind the German Geiger. ÖSV’s only triple victory so far was Mario Seidl in 2019. However, the event was not held in Tyrol, but in the Chouf-Neuve in France.

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