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Nort Stream 2: There is no compromise between the United States and Germany

Nort Stream 2

An employee with a North Stream 2 safety jacket stands in front of a pigsty. Photo: Jens Partner / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

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London (dpa) – The dispute between the United States and Germany over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is still unresolved. During a meeting between Foreign Ministers Anthony Blinkan and Haiko Mass (SPD) during the G7 summit in London on Tuesday, there was no consensus. “We also talked about Nort Stream 2 and we exchanged familiar positions,” Mass said after a 40-minute conversation. “No news.” U.S. State Department spokesman Netflix said Blinken had brought “strong opposition” from the United States to North Stream 2.

The nearly completed pipeline between Russia and Germany has been one of the main points of controversy in German-US relations for many years. The change of government in Washington earlier this year did nothing to change that. The United States fears that Europe is heavily dependent on Russian gas and that it wants to end sanctions. Proponents of the pipeline oppose the Americans, saying they expect only better sales opportunities for their liquefied petroleum gas in Europe.

The German government is divided over how to proceed with the conflict. Secretary of Defense Annegret Cromb-Karanbauer (CDU) recently held a meeting with her US envoy Lloyd Austin Berlin Access signals. He opened a temporary construction freeze and recommended that action be taken depending on Russia’s conduct once completed.

Moss stressed that the dispute with the United States over the pipeline only created “a small fraction” of bilateral relations. “Apart from this problem, I (…) did not see anything at the moment I even started describing myself as serious.” Germany and the United States are working to repair a relationship that was badly damaged during the presidency of US President Donald Trump. The U.S. side said Atlantic co-operation was essential in light of the “instability measures” of Russia, China and Iran.

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