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North Korea: Kim Jong Un warns your sister America of “false” expectations

Kim Yoo Jong, sister of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, A pipe dream hopes to resume talks on his country’s nuclear weapons program United States Discounted. Kim Yo-jong accused the United States of having false expectations. It will push her to “more frustration” North Korea The ruling Labor Party was quoted by state media.

Kim Yoo Jong is a very important advisor His brother Kim Jong Un. This refers to the statements of the National Security Adviser to the President of the United States Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan, who last mentioned an “interesting signal” from Pyongyang. Kim Jong Un said at a party meeting last week that his government should be prepared for “negotiations and conflict” with the United States. In South Korea This was understood as a sign of his willingness to enter into the conversation – but an implicit call to make concrete concessions to the negotiations.

Kim Yo-jong was quoted as saying in a Korean quote, “It’s more important to interpret a dream than it is to interpret it.” America seemed to explain the situation in a way that comforted itself.

The US Special Envoy delivered the speeches

In South Korea, US Special Envoy to North Korea Chung Kim continued his talks on how to proceed with the nuclear conflict. On Monday he offered a largely isolated leadership in the Pyongyang talks without any preconditions. He expects a positive response. At the same time, he stressed that the United States would continue to enforce UN sanctions against North Korea.

Former US President Donald Trump Ruler Kim Jong Un has tried in recent years to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear program through direct meetings. However, the last summit between Trump and Kim in Hanoi in February 2019 failed, but the two countries’ nuclear talks have since stalled. Tensions between North and South Korea have intensified again.

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