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North Korea sends garbage balloons to the South again

North Korea sends garbage balloons to the South again

As of: June 24, 2024 at 4:43 p.m

According to the South Korean military, North Korea sent more balloons towards its southern neighbor. Maybe it's full of trash again.

North Korea once again sent balloons towards South Korea. According to the South Korean military, they could contain garbage again. Citizens were asked not to touch the balloons and to report them to the authorities. There are currently northerly and northwesterly winds pushing the balloons towards South Korea.

In the past few weeks, the communist regime in the north has already sent balloons filled with garbage across the border. According to the South Korean Ministry of Defense, analysis of about 70 balloons revealed that they also contained soil containing “various parasites such as nematodes, whipworms, and pinworms.” This is probably due to North Korea's use of human feces for fertilization rather than synthetic fertilisers.

The Department of Defense says there is no risk of soil contamination or infectious disease because the amount of soil carried by the balloons is relatively small. The garbage in the balloons illustrates North Korea's poor economic situation. They likely contain worn clothing that has been worn to the point of decay. Cigarette butts and toilet paper were found in other balloons.

K-pop and dollar bills

Pyongyang said it responded to garbage balloons sent by South Korean activists containing leaflets directed against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, USB devices with South Korean music and $1 bills.

South Korea has resumed public address systems using large loudspeakers in the border area. You can hear: Criticisms of North Korean leadership and South Korean pop music.

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