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North-West Regional League/Waldviertel-Gaunersdorfer: “I was always there!”

North-West Regional League/Waldviertel-Gaunersdorfer: “I was always there!”

Completely unexpectedly, Amallendorf parted ways with their coach Markus Gaunersdorfer on Tuesday. With Weidhoven's Michael Scherzer on the sidelines, the club will use its resources differently in the future. The team must be gradually replenished and talents developed.

Gaunersdorfer, who took over the leadership of the team in last place in the second regional league, showed new life in it in a difficult stage, and also remained close to the top of the table in the regional league, and expressed his surprise at the club’s decision. He says: “Anything is possible in 14 matches, and in the second round we will play against the league leaders, whom we beat in the first leg, six points to nothing.” His goal was always to remain in the Regional League Two and get promoted back to the Regional League. “I think I proved in the spring that I can make a difference, even in a hopeless situation. But now the club is taking a different path.”

This is acceptable to him, but he rejects the statements made by the club on Tuesday Posted. “It seems that I did not attend every training session, but that is not true at all. “On the contrary, we alternated between training sessions twice and once a week, and I was present at each of them,” explains Gaunersdorfer. He was also annoyed by Late notification of his dismissal: “It's been six weeks since the last match against Weißenkirchen, but I only found out on the Tuesday before Christmas that I had to leave. “For me, it's a lot of wasted time that I could have been doing something else for a long time.” Because there was no shortage of offers for him. “But I decided to go to Amallendorf in the summer because the players spoke in my favor, which made me very happy.” .

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Bichler: “Marcus turned the transition to our advantage”

SC Amaliendorf department head Michael Pichler admits to a misunderstanding in the training attendance offer: “It is true that the training sessions were arranged and Markus was always there. This was poorly communicated.” In the end, he struck a conciliatory tone: “Markus Gaunersdorfer has invested a lot, done great training, and brought us a turnaround. The autumn was good too.

As Gaunersdorfer suspects, he also explains the change of coach by the reorganization of the club. With Patrick and Ruben Demeter as well as Antonio Vidovic, who moves to Vavac, three of the legionnaires have already been let go, but two new ones are coming, and the club wants to attract talent: “We have long tried to attract young players to us wherever we are, going beyond our limits. He knows Michael Scherzer is all the young players in the area, which is why we decided to take this step and develop a plan with him. “I'm very optimistic about this,” Pichler explains. “The idea was born relatively late. I understand the timing is annoying for Marcus. But the opportunity has now arisen and we as a club must seize it.”