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Not everything is bliss in the ÖFB team

Not everything is bliss in the ÖFB team

The former team player adds his criticism: He’s not expecting a scene from ÖFB

Mark Janko’s comments in “Niederösterreichische Nachrichten” about the Austrian national football team caused dust and caused some annoyance – for example with ÖFB Sports Director Peter Schöttle and possibly also with team president Franco Voda. Janko assured the APA that what he said was not necessarily understood as a criticism of German.

“I’m not saying he left the game in vain,” said the former goalkeeper, “but he simply has access to football that relies more on control than pressure.” “It is also a fact – without emphasizing it negatively or positively – that many team players play and absorb a different type of football in their clubs, which is high pressure and changing play.

Not a scene

Since Foda prefers to play it safe, there are usually no exciting games involved. “I can understand every viewer who would like to see an attacking scene, preferring 5: 4 to dry dust 1: 0. But soccer is a result sport, which the Greeks showed at the European Championship 2004. They played like the biggest handball team and in the end won the championship.” Yanko said he wanted to show that there are different paths to success.

The former team striker also said he was not in place to tell Fouda how to play. “I don’t have to turn my head for that. To say what he’s doing wrong would be disrespectful.” According to the average score, the German is “one of the most successful team leaders ever,” said Janko, and is now a Sky expert.

Based on his comments on ÖFB’s playing style, the 37-year-old reiterated his doubts that there could be air turbulence inside the ÖFB convoy. “It stands to reason that the mood was not so good after the biggest qualifying defeat at home (note: 0: 4 against Denmark in March),” said Janko. “The players are basically criticizing themselves.”

Not all bliss

Regarding the current mood, the Austrian said: “I’m not 100 percent sure if everything in the team will really fit.” This could also be related to the somewhat cautious play area. Janko is in contact with some of the current ÖFB players and moderators. “Of course you realize that not everything is a blessing.”

However, Janko explained that a positive team atmosphere is necessary in a tournament like the European Championship. “It is important that the atmosphere is good. That is good when it satisfies the largest possible number of players.” So everything must be done to ensure sufficient diversity in the Coronavirus “bubble”.

There was another important aspect to Janko. “It is not my place to advise, but if you ask me, I will make sure that the things that may not have been said are now internally spoken. And that attempts are being made to formulate a goal together, beyond that goal and being pursued with all the consequences. But it may have already happened anyway.” Janko said.

The former Salzburg player has scored 28 goals in 70 caps and has only been outperformed by Tony Bolster (44) and Hans Krankle (34) in the shot list of all time. Under Fouda’s leadership, Janko completed four missions of ÖFB, the last of which was on March 24, 2019 at 2: 4 in the European Championship Qualifiers in Israel.

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