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Novak Djokovic in the final against Stefanos Tsitsipas in a historic mission – these are the main factors

Novak Djokovic in the final against Stefanos Tsitsipas in a historic mission – these are the main factors

You can think that this will be the final game in French Open 2021 between Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas not given.

“Stefanos has never played a major tournament final,” the Serb declared a few days ago in Melbourne – much to the astonishment of the press, who immediately pointed out his mistake for the 35-year-old. Tsitsipas said he “can’t remember” that match.

At the time, the Athenians gave up a 2-0 group lead, on Sunday (9:30 a.m. live on the strip And in discovery +) wants to do better. question how? The record against the Serbs is 2:10, and the last nine matches have been held by Djokovic.

Australian Open

Djokovic responds to the science incident regarding his father: “Wrong interpretation”

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In addition, the star from Belgrade has never lost a match against the pro Gil Tsitsipas at the Grand Slam level – with the exception of one, where Karen Khachanov intervened and gave the Greek a tip for the final.

Khachanov advises Tsitsipas to contact Medvedev

“No one in this generation has beaten Novak in a major tournament except Daniil Medvedev in the US Open final. Maybe Stefanos should call him and ask him what he did that day,” the 26-year-old joked.

Khachanov advises Tsitsipas before the Djokovic duel: “Call Medvedev”

Where the gag certainly has a background is worth looking into.

finally stood up Djokovic mentioned before the 2021 US Open final Also before a historic step. With the win, he would have become the first player in the Open Era to win a Grand Slam, winning all four major competitions in a single season. It turns out differently.

Becker exclusive in the final: “He’s making childhood dreams come true”

Sunday’s match will certainly not be a definitive success for Djokovic. “We all take it for granted: Djoker does it. No, guys – it’s not normal, Novak is getting older too. He’s 35 now. I noticed on the field that he was panting more than usual,” it is analyzed Boris Becker at Eurosport the case of his former stepson.

And the two-time Melbourne champion continued: “It’s a dream final! If a Grand Slam final is also about first place, then this fulfills childhood dreams. Tsitsipas has already said that.”

There is certainly an argument that Djokovic’s dream of Nadal’s record come true instead with Tsitsipas’ first Grand Slam crown.

Baker: “Tsitsipas is better than ever in Melbourne”

Baker says, picking out a scene from Four successful sets in the semifinals against Karen Khachanov Outside.

Tennis party in Melbourne: Djokovic fans celebrate reaching the final

“In recent years, after losing the third set, you would have watched Tsitsipas break the racket or take a toilet break.” Meanwhile, the 24-year-old has “become calmer. Due to experience, he has had to face bitter defeats and learn from them.”

Henman: That’s what Djokovic’s career is all about

Fourth in the world rankings may be able to take advantage of the massive pressure on Djokovic. The tenth Australian Open title and the chance to win again Number one in the ATP ranking Becoming a sweet motivator for a veteran, explains the former pro Tim Henman in an interview with Eurosport“But the most important thing is the 22, because that’s what his career is about.”

Djokovic knows very well that the famous biological clock is ticking, and the Australian Open is perhaps the biggest chance to beat Nadal’s record so far. The Spaniard himself retired early and had hip problems. The third Big 3, Roger Federer, has long since ended his career.

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Djokovic – What is the impact of the father incident?

In addition, after the flag incident involving Serjan Djokovic, Djokovic’s team is dispersed and is forced to tone down the media waves.

Djokovic explains the father Srgjan incident: This is how it happened

“Obviously it’s not a relief for me to go through all that. With all the things I’ve been involved in in Australia last year and this year, it’s not something I want or need,” the star admitted after. Get to the final to.

It hasn’t been decided yet if Abe will return to the box for the final, “but I’d like him to be there,” said Djokovic. Worry Tsitsipas has no. He can count on his father and coach Apostolos – and in the end it’s the little things that decide the big matches…

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Australian Open Men’s Championship

Men’s Final: Djokovic-Tsitsipas Live Streaming on Eurosport and Discovery+

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Australian Open

Djokovic responds to the science incident regarding his father: “Wrong interpretation”

10 hours ago