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Now Alexandres are aiming for the Olympic medal

Now Alexandres are aiming for the Olympic medal

After the silver medal at the European Championships, synchronized swimmers Anna Maria, Irini and Vasiliki Alexandri will change their schedule. Target: Edelemtall 2024 in Paris.

The offer is going forward. In the past, the Alexandrina Triple Twins were distinguished by hard work for success and medals, the present is the European podiums and the world championship, now you must follow the next step. For soloist Vasiliki Alexandri, the non-Olympic single is about reaching the top three at the 2023 and 2024 World Championships, and for the duo Anna Maria and Irene Marina Alexandri, the Olympics are the most important. Work on this starts now.

Choreographer Stefan Mermont is expecting Monday with coach Albina Mladenova in Mallorca in the next few days, as they rehearse for the European Championships in July and are now working on the new free programme. “He is very excited,” Anna Maria Alexandre said of the former Cirque du Soleil artist and US coach. “He said the choreography is going towards the medals. He studies everything the others are doing.” In Europe, currently unqualified Ukrainians and Russians are the norm, and on a global scale, the Chinese are also ahead.

After the silver medals at the European Championships in both freestyle and technical swimming, Ukraine looks at least in hand. “We don’t think we’re missing anything specific,” said Irene Marina Alexandri. “The fact that they are in the lead is also because Ukraine has been in the lead for decades. What they are good at is the stretch (in the legs, NB). But I think our technical level is better.” In any case, Mladenova still sees enough room for improvement in her subjects. “There is still something in expression, in technology and art – in all areas.”

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magic 90 points

After a few weeks of vacation, great work begins in the fall, and both designs should be well practiced by the end of November. The technique in this technique was probably developed by Alexandris and Mladenova on their own. Anyway, the demands on self with ratings consistently over 90 points high. This also applies to Vasiliki Alexandri, who twice took third place at the European Championship, whose programs must continue to exist. “We worked so long to get more than 90 points. It’s a different class, a different level,” said the 24-year-old.

When Alexandres, who came to Austria from Greece in 2012, completed his first competition with Austria in 2014, he was still within 78 points. Mladenova has been there from the start and knows the possibilities. “I have seen that they have great potential with their physical abilities in technology,” said the Bulgarian, who was naturalized six years ago. “Now I hope we create a great choreography, because it should bring us more success. People should be impressed by it.”