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Nubert Summer Offer: LinTech AirLino Plus Streamer

Are you interested in audio streaming and haven’t really been able to buy a streaming device yet? Well, Nubert is now offering a demo: if you order certain active speakers, you’ll get a mini streamer for free.

Neubert campaign “Summer, sun, air time”: conditions

If you purchased the Nubert nuPro SP-200 Compact Active Speaker or the Nubert nuPro SP-500 Stand Edition, no later than 08/26/2022Then Nubert will give you a LinTech mini streaming device for free.

Streamer listens to the name Lintech Aireno Plus It is compatible with Apple AirPlay, DLNA and UPnP. It can output the streaming signal in analog form via an aux connection – or you can use it as a streaming bridge to your Nubert nuPro SP-200 or nuPro SP-500 via its Toslink output.

Nubert nuPro SP-200 Compact Amplifier: Active and ready for digital and analog sources

Of course, the Nubert nuPro SP-200 and nuPro SP-500 amplifiers can not only be powered via Toslink, but also have additional analog/digital inputs such as HDMI eARC or stereo modulator – and a Bluetooth receiver.

Nubert nuPro SP-500

Nubert nuPro SP-500: Floor model variant with significantly larger size and more powerful engine range

If you want to know more about our active and wireless speakers, if you like, you can visit our website Product launch news read.

LinTech AirLino plus promotional prices include:

  • Nubert nuPro SP-200: 845 €
  • Nubert nuPro SP-500: €1365


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