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Nuclear test: US ready for talks with North Korea

The U.S. government says it is ready to negotiate with the regime in Pyongyang, despite North Korea’s recent missile tests.

The U.S. special envoy to North Korea, Chung Kim, said Tuesday that the United States “has no hostile intentions” with the People’s Republic of China (DPRK). “We are ready for a meeting without preconditions and call on the DPRK to make serious and lasting diplomatic efforts.”

Warning of new nuclear weapons tests

He warned North Korea that the United States and its allies would act swiftly during the feared new nuclear test, but gave no information on how such a reaction would change. In a telephone conversation with reporters, the ambassador said that the United States believed that Pyongyang was preparing for a seventh nuclear test, which could happen “at any time.”

Statements by North Korean officials may “indicate the use of tactical nuclear weapons.” North Korea has already tested 31 ballistic missiles this year – more in June than in any other year.

Video of Russia

Last Sunday, North Korea alone tested eight missiles in a single day. Kim criticized Russia and China’s vetoes at the UN Security Council late last month, which overturned a resolution calling for tougher international sanctions against Pyongyang.

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