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Nutella vs. USA in Germany: 4 small differences distort the taste

The differences between the United States and Germany are multifaceted and are found everywhere in everyday life. The people in America are very friendly, but everyone is superficial. Trains always arrive late in Germany, but in the United States there are actually only buses.

There is currently a famous myth going around that our favorite nut and nook cream Nutella tastes very different in both countries. Is there any truth in this, if so, why is that? Nudella Is the taste different in different countries?

America vs. Nutella in Germany: How Different Is It?

What makes Nutella so unique?

The recipe in question for Nudella looks as old as chocolate. Of course, the Italian company “Ferrero” has not published its exact list of products. The recipe is secret. However, we all know the basic ingredients in Nutella: Palm oil, cocoa and hazelnuts. There is a lot of sugar and powdered milk. The general recipe for noodles was slightly changed a few years ago, but the breakfast spread is still iconic.

Many supermarkets own brands and discount products have already tried to follow Nudella, but so far no one has been able to copy the recipe exactly. Nutella tastes good Noodella and Nut Scotty, Nut Ply and Go taste different.

Source: Nutella is also very healthy. We will show you how to do it easily You can create delicious and healthy noodles yourself.

Nudella in the United States: These are the biggest differences

In the United States, Nutella is not as common as in Germany. But of course there is that meaning here as well. The biggest differences are:

  1. Nutella in Tenn, USA Comes in a plastic box, With us it comes in a mirror.
  2. Americans do not see Nudella as a widespread. Instead, they prefer to spread it on dessert or ice cream.
  3. No specific Nutella problem in the United States: Nutella article problem. In Germany, friendship has already fallen to the question of whether it is “The”, “It” or “The” Nudella. Is in the United States No gender articles. Here it is called “Nutella” or “Nutella”.
  4. Nutella tastes different in the United States than in Germany. Many Germans who come to the United States complain that it tastes different. According to YouTube Sissy is an immigrant Tastes German Nutella Very less sweet and less creamy Than the American type.
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Nutella is the sweetest in the United States

Nutella’s recipe is not obvious in Germany and the United States. Spread in the United States is so much sweeter than us. The German nutella is already very sweet and greasy Food traffic lights E receives classification.

100 grams of noodles contain 539 kcal and 56.3 grams of sugar. A 450g jar of noodles contains about 250g of sugar Containing. Nevertheless, it is so beautiful in the United States that the YouTubers in the video allow themselves to be taken by the following quote:

It tastes like diet noodles.

Sissy is an immigrant

Nudella is not just Nudella

Despite the same name, it is nowhere near the same product. The packaging is not even the same. The most important thing, however, is that the nutella is much sweeter and fatter in the United States than in Germany.

Follow step?

There are many differences between them USA and Germany. One of the biggest differences is the ambitions of beauty, It spreads in different countries.

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