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NWA USA # 20 Results & First Report from Oak Grove, Kentucky, USA 05/28/2022 (Including Full Event Video)

Source: National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance “NWA USA # 20”
Venue: Waller Hall in Oak Grove, Kentucky, USA
First Broadcast: May 28, 2022 on Youtube

The whole show

At the beginning of today’s issue, Kyle Davis wants to interview Jay Bradley, but Bradley wants to be interviewed by May Valentine instead. Bradley copes with it and talks about his rival Brady Pierce who is making his debut today.

Then it moves to the hall, where commentators Joe Gully and Tim Storm greet the audience. As a guest, NWA TV Champion Tyrus will also comment on today’s match.

1. Competition
Singles competition
Jay Bradley defeated Brady Pierce by Lloyd Pin.
Match time: 06:49

Kyle Davis Interviews Pity Faith (Father James Mitchell, Soul the Ball & Judois). Mitchell explains why his team will storm the NWA. He then talks about the main event, where pathetic believers will face NWA National Champion Jay Dane and “Magic” Jack Dumas. Mitchell promises that both will get a blow.

2. Competition
Tag Team Match
After the Big Boss Slam, Mims defeated AJ Kazana by back.
Match time: 05:31

3. Competition
Tag Team Match
Miserly Faithful (Judois & Soul the Ball) Cox defeated Jay Dane & “Magic” Jack Dumas by a back in the Dumas with Soul the Ball after the flying bulldog of The Jim.
Match time: 07:41
– The referee lost control of the match before the end. Dan and Dumas initially wanted to lose the hall, but Judois stopped them. Meanwhile, Cox the Gimp arrives and gets ready for his process. Judois was able to throw Dumas back into the ring, where Dumas had to pick up a flying bulldog from Cox.

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The show concludes with a successful Fightful show.

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