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NWA USA #41 Results & Report from Nashville, Tennessee, USA from 11/05/2022 (including video of full show)

NWA USA #41 Results & Report from Nashville, Tennessee, USA from 11/05/2022 (including video of full show)

Source: National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance “NWA USA #41”
Location: Skyway Studios Nashville, Tennessee, USA
First Aired: November 05, 2022 on YouTube

Full show

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green opened the show. The two talk about NWA President William Corgan gifting them tonight’s show, and they will serve as hosts. They flatter themselves and announce themselves as the future golden couple. After that, you move to the ring, where the first match of the edition begins.

1. Competition
Singles match
Homicide defeated Chris Saines by submission on the Brooklyn Bridge (Boston Grab).
Match Time: 03:56

Matt Cardona is hyped because the next match will be in the women’s division. This is how Ella NV talks about Angelina Love. Cardona talks about being crowned NWA Women’s Champion at Green Hart Times while promoting the match and the division.

2. Competition
Singles match
Angelina Love defeated Ella Envy via pin after a botox injection.
Match Time: 06:12

Forgetting the cameras, the hosts switch back to kissing. The two quickly sign up and talk about the main event. Fans are looking forward to a great match. So now the NWA World Tag Team Championship match between La Rebellion (Pestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) and Hawkes Lake (PJ Hawkes & Luke Hawkes) is shown in full length on the last PPV, “74 – Night 1”.

3. Competition
NWA World Tag Team Championship – Vacant
Tag team match
La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) defeated Lake Hawkes (PJ Hawkes & Luke Hawkes) with a pin on Luke Hawkes by Bestia 666 after a roll-up before Damian 666 spit dung in his face. –> Title Change!
Match Time: 13:09
– This match took place on 08/27/2022 at “NWA 74 – Night 1”.

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At the end of the show, the cardonas were turned on again. They are horrified to find that “their” version shows no relevance from them. They warn the NWA that this is not without consequences. Later, the two talk again about their upcoming matches at Hard Times 3 and promise to win the titles again. Later, Matt Cardona says he’s saving the promotion because he’s the real world champion. This is the end of the show as Cardona gets tired and disappears. A bit shocked, Green bids farewell to the audience in front of the films. And with this the program ends.

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