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Ö1 Classic meeting point: Maria Radutu –

Ö1 Classic meeting point: Maria Radutu –

Ö1 Classic meeting point: Maria Raduto

In a change of program after Christian Thielemann's short cancellation, pianist and festival director Maria Raduto will be the guest of Elke Tscheckner.

Maria Raduto, born in Bucharest in 1984 and living in Vienna, is an internationally sought-after soloist, artist and festival director who loves to surprise her audiences with innovative program ideas and interesting dramas. In her solo format “Maria Radutu is…”, the podcast “PianoBox”, also available as a concert format she hosts, and with the chamber musical “All About Eve” with violinist Sophie Heinrich, she likes to play with the boundaries between stage and audience providing insight into creating their interpretations.

Maria Raduto's recordings are also very interesting concept albums from a dramatic standpoint: her album “Phoenix” has achieved half a million streams, and her previous album “Insomnia” was released by Decca Records and is a piano soundtrack for sleepless nights.

In 2022, the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra of Vienna released a recording of Dmitri Shostakovich's First Piano Concerto and André Jolivet's Trumpet, Piano and Strings Concerto, which they recorded with Selina Ott under the baton of Dirk Kaftan.

Composers continue to dedicate their works to her, for example Margareta Vierek-Pietric wrote for her the piano concerto “The Orgy of Oxymorons”, which was premiered in 2022 with the ORF RSO Vienna at the musikolog in Graz.

Christoph Cech dedicated the piece “Rhapsody in Delicate Blue” to her, which was recently heard as part of the pre-concert of the “Keys to Heaven Piano Festival” in Eisenstadt. Maria Raduto is also the artistic director of this festival: piano music in a wide range of facets and forms can be experienced at Eisenstadt's Esterhazy Castle from April 26 to 28 for three days and nights.

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Maria Raduto can soon be seen again at Radiokulturhaus: on May 6, 2024, she will share the stage in the large broadcast hall with the musician Marouane Abado, as part of the series “Austrofreds Barcelona”.


Maria Raduto
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