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Obituary – Mourning for veteran referee Waldviertel

Obituary – Mourning for veteran referee Waldviertel

The Waldviertel Governors Group mourns the loss of one of its longest serving members. Erich Weber, one of the true rulers of Waldviertel, died on November 30 at the age of 82 after a long illness.

Alzveitler passed the refereeing exam in 1965 and remained active from then until the spring of 2009. In his prime, he captained matches up to the regional league for many years. “He was a referee with heart and soul,” recalls Hubert Pfeiffer, honorary chairman of the Waldviertel group of referees and his long-time companion. He also served with him on the Board of Directors of the Regents Group — and Pfeiffer was treasurer for more than 35 years until 2019. “He was very reliable, he ran everything and was involved everywhere,” Pfeiffer says. “A great person and a very nice colleague.”

Weber, who was a baker by profession, also received numerous awards for his commitment. He was awarded the Gold Medal of Honor from the Waldviertel Regents Group, of which he has been an honorary member since 2011, in 1986, followed by the NÖSK Medal of Honor in silver and silver/gold and gold. Recently, Weber was accepted as an honorary member of NÖSK – Pfeiffer and NÖSK President Alois Bimmer presented him with the certificate at the beginning of this year.

Funeral services will be held on December 13 at Zwettl Parish Church, followed by burial of the urn in Cernau Cemetery.

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