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Obituary - UBBC Gmünd mourns Markus Wanderer

Obituary – UBBC Gmünd mourns Markus Wanderer

Former player and coach, longtime official, highly committed member and friend – Markus Wanderer of Breitensee, an important supporter of UBBC Gmünd passed away on September 6 at the age of 58 due to cancer.

As the son of club founder Ernst Wandler, Markus Wandler came to UBBC Gmünd early on, played in various youth teams and made his debut as a teenager on the men’s team, of which he was a member until 1988. “As a player, he was impressed by his commitment and strong will to fight. He also demanded With this commitment from his teammates and gave them the best performances in the various training sessions. He also challenged his opponents and often pushed them to despair through his intense defensive play”, the club describes his talents in an obituary. He later made this into the two-man team and into the first team.

After his active career, Wandaller became head coach of the newly established women’s team at the time of the 2000/01 season, holding this position for nearly ten years and laying the foundation for many successes with his commitment. He has also been active on the board of directors for a long time, including over a dozen years as a secretary and until recently as a member of the advisory board. He also worked as a ballroom announcer at home games for many years.

Away from the basketball court, Markus Wandaller was also very committed, the organizer and barbecue manager at UBBC’s summer party, an integral part of UBBC’s sailing crew, and also loved to play guitar and harmonica during social evenings on the deck. As a musician, he was also well known outside of UBBC in Gmünd. In addition, he was a very nature-loving person whose great passion was horses.

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“Max was a very important member of UBBC, he was very active, he was everywhere, always helping, always supporting the union. We will keep him in an honorable memory,” says Franz Chouatal, longtime companion and director at UBBC Gmünd.

Among others, his parents, two daughters, and blacksmith partner Marcus Wandler. The farewell to the deceased is Friday at 3 p.m. at Gmund Morgue.