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ÖFB: a movement in terms of academies

ÖFB: a movement in terms of academies

Since October, there has been a pause in admission to the academies because the association is evaluating the current system. Today, Friday, the Presidium meets, but it is likely that there will be no new proposal on the table for a decision. On the contrary, the Bundesliga’s licensing documents require potential first-tier participants to have their own academy, co-op or sanction. according ‘Laola.atThere must be a solution: the academies get the ÖFB license, but on the contrary they are not entitled to participate in the youth league.

Two planned license classes

There is a problem with it: Since the inclusion of Austria Klagenfurt I played in the U18, U16 and U15 in a league of 13. The league will be amplified by automatic participation, plus Hartberg, GAK, Horn, Kapfenberg and Vienna Akademie have plans and some already have facilities in place. Cost point: about 750 thousand euros per year. That’s why they’re planning a revolution: the A and B license for academies. The high costs, which are difficult to manage for smaller clubs, are caused by the catalog of Bundesliga licenses.

In the future, if it is decided what to work on, more Academies with A and B licenses should be able to play against each other in two leagues, this can be measured by the quality of infrastructure, staff, minutes played in ÖFB selections and so on. The system will be implemented in 2023/24.

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