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ÖFB opponents of Ukraine already in the form of the euro

ÖFB opponents of Ukraine already in the form of the euro

Ukraine focused on the European Football Championship. Austria’s opponent won the last test round against Cyprus 4-0 (2-0) on Monday.

And Andriy Yarmolenko scored twice in Kharkiv (penalty kick 37 / foul, 65), Oleksandr Zinchenko (45 + 2 / hand penalty) and Roman Yarmashuk (59) scored the other goals. Cyprus outnumbered after a red card from the 36th minute. Austria will face the Ukrainian team in the third group match on June 21.

Their coach Andrei Shevchenko had said before the match against Cyprus that he wanted to choose a “trial” squad. “It’s just a preparatory match, not a final test,” Shevchenko said the day before the match. “We have to prepare all our players for the euro.” For example, veteran Andrij Pjatow was in goal, and Heorhij Buschtschan is expected in EM. However, the most famous names are played in Storm and Attack.

Yarmolenko hits twice

Having entered the 4-3-3 system, the Ukrainians decided the match. After the good chances, the goals came from penalty shootouts before the break. After Cypriot Andreas Panayiotou saw the red to score a goal, West Ham striker Yarmolenko recovered. Manchester City’s Zinchenko also succeeded in added time.

In the second half there were still goals out of the game. Midfielder Yarimchuk emerged from the dust after a superb mix of naturalized Brazilian Marlos, a shot that clearly deflected from Yarmolenko and then found its way into the goal. According to statistics, the Ukrainians shot 12 shots at the opponent’s goal at the end, and Cyprus only one.

Fans in Kharkiv bid farewell to the hosts with a lot of applause for EM. In the opening match, the Ukrainians will meet the Netherlands on Sunday evening (9 pm) in Amsterdam.

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