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OFFICIAL: New MotoGP rules approved from 2027 / MotoGP

OFFICIAL: New MotoGP rules approved from 2027 / MotoGP

As previously announced, the MotoGP World Championship will be held under new technical regulations from the 2027 season. The most important innovation is the reduction of displacement to 850 cc.

THE CAT OUT OF THE TECHNOLOGY BAG: The Responsible MotoGP Grand Prix Committee, consisting of representatives from promoter Dorna, team association IRTA, manufacturers association MSMA and world association FIM, has published the basic pillars of the new technical regulations. There are no unusual surprises – but one thing is certain: the large number of patches means that competition will resume from 2027, when the rules come into force.

All innovations:

the displacement The MotoGP class will be increased from 1000 cc 850 cc reduced. maximum Cylindrical hole Increases from 81 mm 75 mm reduced. Only four-cylinder and four-stroke engines are permitted.

the number of engines, Available per driver on a fixed contract is reduced to 6 engines per season (up to 20 races) or 7 engines per season if there are 21 or 22 races on the calendar.

Manufacturers in Concession D category (see definitions below) can continue to use two additional engines per driver each season.

Changes to translation options: In the MotoGP category, the total number allowed will be increased Gear ratios (Gear pairs) reduced to 16, plus 4 different overall gear ratios for the base engine, for each season.

100 percent use of synthetic fuels from 2027; Currently 40 percent is mandatory.

the Minimum weight Motorcycle in the MotoGP category 153 kg hiring. Currently he is 158 kg.

There is a serious change in the field Electronic driving aids: Structure height adjustments of any kind Not allowedIncluding devices that are only activated to start the race.

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This means that the current devices will no longer be in use from 2027.

As suspected, it was also allowed The amount of fuel has been reduced: Fuel tank capacity has been increased for Grand Prix racing 20 litres Reduced, a maximum of 11 liters is allowed for sprint racing.

The exciting zone has also been redefined Atmospheric surfaces:
The maximum permissible height of the upper part of the front end (aerobody) has been reduced from 600 mm to 550 mm, and the maximum height of the rear end has been reduced from 1250 mm to 1150 mm, which is the first point of the front end (nose) by 50 mm in Posteriorly, the posterior taper of the front fairing also becomes smaller.

Things get more complicated at the rear: the rear of the car – the aerodynamics behind the driver – must be homogeneous as part of the overall aerodynamics. Manufacturers are allowed to make one update per season.

Also new: GPS data will be made available to all drivers for all teams at the end of each session.

The FIM, together with the MSMA and MotoGP fuel suppliers, will clarify all technical details from May 2024 through a working group that also includes representatives of Dorna and IRTA.

Due to completely new regulations for engines, they also had to do this Perks rules It is revised.
The following concessions will be made to manufacturers in the future: Manufacturers who raced in 2026 will start the 2027 season ranked B. The standings will be reviewed midway through the 2027 season, whereby only the results of the first part of the 2027 season will be taken into account – the results of the 2026 season will not be taken into account. They were achieved before rule changes were taken into account. The regular classification system will resume at the end of the 2027 season.

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All manufacturers not participating in 2026 will start the 2027 season ranked D. Their ranking will also be revised at the 2027 mid-season review based on the first half of the 2027 season.

In short: lower displacement for less power with lower fuel consumption plus the ban of electronic aids for altitude adjustment and starting plus less freedom in aerodynamic development. The race has officially begun in the development departments for the best interpretation of the new game rules.