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Old batteries can be “injectable” again

Old batteries can be “injectable” again

Doctor, my electric car is running out of steam!

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The miracle injection for rejuvenation is the dream of an aging society. What doesn't yet exist for humans may soon become a reality for batteries.

Research team from Toyota He wants to achieve a breakthrough here. By injection b Chemical cocktail The goal is to restore the capacity of old lithium-ion batteries.

chemical reaction

Lithium-ion batteries You lose capacity over time. Quite simply, this is due to the loss of ions with every charge and discharge. The research team created a material that is injected into the battery. This solves one chemical reaction Which creates lithium ions and new electrons.

The research team tried the method using small and large batteries, such as those used in… Electric cars Uses (study link). If this method also works outside the laboratory, it could restore the range of electric cars in the future, without the need to replace the battery. Battery cells do not need to be disassembled for injection. This means that an electric vehicle refurbishment can be carried out in a service shop with relatively little effort.

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Criticism of the study

Other researchers are skeptical. This method will only work if the battery loses power only because of the charging and discharging processes and not because of them Damage. However, electric car owners may not be aware of the damage to the battery itself. So there must be one Diagnostic option To determine whether the battery is suitable for injectable therapy.

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Other scientists noted that in experiments with larger batteries, the battery was still in very good condition. One was tested Battery 4 Ahwhich is approximately . 3.84 Ah Capacity received injections. After 7 days and over 80 charging cycles, performance rose again to over 3.95 amps. From 4Ah to 3.84Ah there will only be a 4 percent drop in performance. This means that electric car owners will likely have to “spray” several times a year to maintain battery life.

Experiment with 4Ah battery

Experiment with 4Ah battery

Reducing electronic waste

The research was according to NewScientist However, it aroused the interest of companies and other authorities. If the project is pursued further and efficiency is improved, it will be a welcome development for reducing e-waste. For example, you could combine a twice-yearly tire change at the workshop with a “spray” of the battery and perhaps use the electric car for a few years longer without needing to replace the battery.