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Old Metroid titles are back at the top of the charts

Old Metroid titles are back at the top of the charts

by publishing Metroid dread It will be different again metroid The title has played, which is reflected in the Wii U charts. Four ancient titles can be found in the top ten metroid fear to excel. A fast runner finished the game in less than an hour.

Metroid is back in 2D

This took nearly two decades metroid fusion With Metroid dread continue. After being announced 16 years ago, the title has only now been implemented. But it is successful. According to reviews, Nintendo is the version metroid True to legend. So especially 3D metroid Parts of every merchandise metroid feel in 2D An environment like home.

Positive Reviews

The only negative point of criticism so far appears to be related to the length of the title. As a 2D title is over seven hours long, it’s not that short. In addition, the game offers a high degree of difficulty with its bosses, and the title offers enough variety in other ways.

Metroid is more present again than ever

The metroid fans of Metroid dread Not enough and playing everyone else again metroid Title. In the top 10 charts in Wii U Online Stores There are now four in the UK metroid games: metroid fusionAnd metroid zero Expedition, The Metroid Prime Trilogy and even classic excellent metroid exists again. But also in this regard nintendo 3DS will be again Metroid: The Return of Samos game. Here are the current graphs:

The chase continues

Once the game comes out, the top runners are already trying to outdo each other. Someone finished the game in hard mode in less than an hour. Of course, this is already a world record. Which, however, will not last long. Very New metroid fear Not many vulnerabilities have been discovered yet. The world of speedrunners is now trying to explore the game. We’re curious how fast the speed runners will be.

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