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Oliver and Princess Bucher: They broke in - while they put the children to bed

Oliver and Princess Bucher: They broke in – while they put the children to bed

Bad news from Bowsher! in the comic Oliver Bucher (43) and his wife too Princess (29) It was broken into. And that while they were at home with their two young children. As Bild newspaper wrote, the burglary was a week ago and the reason Princess Boucher cried in an Instagram video. Fans asked themselves what’s going on.

The thieves entered the house through the garage and went upstairs. On the ground floor, the couple was in the process of putting their two-year-old sons to bed.

In the video above, you can see a princess alluding to the incident a few days ago.

Pochers Burglary: “I Can’t Even Think About It…”

“It must have happened so fast,” Amira Boucher says in a new edition of her podcast. It must have happened sometime between 6 and 7 p.m. You wouldn’t have noticed the theft yourself. Princess Boucher: “It was only when I saw the empty jewelry boxes on the bed that I realized something was wrong.”

Of course, Al Bucher alerted the police. “I shouldn’t have thought of it even if we met him with the children in his arms,” ‚Äč‚ÄčAmira Boucher continues. She is now afraid to let the children sleep alone.

Oliver and Princess Bucher have been living in the home of a friend of Pietro Lombardi’s for months. The home of the comedian and his wife became uninhabitable due to the July flood.

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