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Oliver Bucher knocks Boris Becker apart – Gatti is also fat

Oliver Bucher knocks Boris Becker apart – Gatti is also fat

Oliver Bucher spoke after interviewing Boris Becker.Credit: Revierfoto/PA Wire/-/Kirsty O’connor


Emky Gerets

A few days ago on the 1st big saturday interview Boris Becker broadcast. Stephen Gatin’s questions answered here. It was about his time in prison and his relationship with his mother children and his partner, Lillian. When asked by the moderator that he’d won major tournaments in his career and was suddenly about to borrow money, he said, “Money has never been my motivator. I’m more and more interested in success because I’m doing something well.”

Like media servicedwdlShe reported that the special received somewhat limited interest. Accordingly, on average, only 1.55 million turned on the 140-minute program from 8:15 p.m. People a. The number of those who took off for a short period was significantly higher at 5.2 million. In the latest podcast episode of “Die Pochers!” Express now Oliver Bucher to me.

Oliver Bucher judges Baker’s interview

First of all, the comedian said, “First of all, nobody really followed it up. Saturday 1 thought they caught a major coup by buying this interview for half a million, where Stephen Gatien asked the questions.” Looking at the medium, he found clearer words: “I really like Stephen Gatien, but here’s the problem: This has nothing to do with journalism. It was like a fan talk, like a fan club meeting.”

HANDOUT - DECEMBER 20, 2022 -: Former tennis star Boris Becker answers questions from presenter Stephen Gaten in an exclusive interview broadcast on the show

Stephen Gatin spoke to Boris Becker about the past few months.Photo: SAT.1/Nadine Robb

As he noted: “There was nothing original about it.” Bucher then sneered at Becker: “But the remarkable thing is how Boris contradicted himself six times in two hours. I liked it very much. Incidentally: it is not his fault, the counselors are to be blamed. But he shows great signs of remorse.” And when he starts crying, he says, “Two minutes,” then 20 seconds, and then he goes on.

Regarding the descriptions of Baker’s stay in prison, Bucher asserted that it looked like this Like he’s just saying the best in prison movies.. In addition, “Number told the soap really, he was really afraid to take a shower.” It’s always especially emotional afterwards advertisement Also. Bucher was particularly critical of the fact that Baker would not go into more points when things got interesting.

Bowsher annoys Baker

Regarding Baker’s comments about his lawyers, the comedian ironically said: “He also said he had great lawyers, but his great lawyers only realized when he was in prison that he didn’t have an English passport, and then he was deported. The lawyers were too good to notice beforehand. There was a lot of madness.”

ARCHIVED - APRIL 5, 2022 -: Combo - Boris Becker, former tennis professional from Germany (archive photo from April 5, 2022, l) and comedian Oliver Bucher (archive photo from September 17, 2021).  Becker has the referee...

There is still a legal dispute between Boris Becker and Oliver Bucher.Photo: PA Wire / Stefan Rousseau / Felix Horhager

The 44-year-old took to heart with a comment that the former tennis star did nothing for the money: “That’s why I wonder why we actually paid him a fee for ‘all on the small’?” This was really a mistake on our part, because he just made it up joking to make. Just like the interview now.”

This leaves some questions that are difficult to answer. On the other hand, Amira showed no interest in meeting Baker. “I haven’t seen it and I don’t care,” she said.

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