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Olympia 2022: After Daniela Meyer's Bronze Medal, Fanny Smith plans to protest the jury's decision

Olympia 2022: After Daniela Meyer’s Bronze Medal, Fanny Smith plans to protest the jury’s decision

“It’s definitely the hardest day of my life,” former world champion Smith wrote Friday night (local time) in an Instagram story. “I can’t accept the decision.”

Together with the Swiss Confederation, it now wants to “examine all possibilities” for the classification challenge.

The German side did not fear any consequences on Friday afternoon. “The contact rule does not provide for the possibility of protest, and the jury’s decision is not subject to appeal. It was also unanimously affirmed by the review board,” athletic director Helle Hurdt said at a press conference.

Olympia – Freestyle Skiing

‘Complete nonsense’: harsh criticism after figure skating controversy

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Shortly after the race, Switzerland coach Ralph Wafley spoke of “complete nonsense” and announced that he wanted to examine the legal process. But he said he feared it was a “realistic decision”.

Meyer celebrates bronze after roller coaster ride: ‘That’s right’

In the touching final, Smith’s left skate drifted into Mayer’s next lane after the final wave—the jury rated this a handicap.

The 25-year-old from Urach won Germany’s first cross-country medal in Olympic history.

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Olympia – Freestyle Skiing

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