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Olympia – The United States was the most successful country at the Olympics in Tokyo

Athletes from Russia competed under the neutral Olympic flag and for the Russian Olympic Committee after the doping plans were thrown out. They captured 71 medals, including a gold medal, five years ago in Rio. Tchaikovsky’s piano concert was read 20 times in memory of the No. 1 winner. Great Britain advanced one place to fourth and best European representative (22/21/22), while ninth-placed Germany had to digest its worst record since rejoining (10/11/16). 93 countries won at least one precious metal.

Austria finished 53rd in the medal table at the Tokyo Games. With seven medals (1/1/5), the ├ľOC team surpassed medal expectations – based on the number of precious metals won – at the 2004 Athens Games (2/4/1) a. In terms of numbers, only summer performance in Berlin in 1936 (4/6/3) was incomparable. However, Sydney (2000) and Amsterdam (1928) went home with two gold medals each.

In the medal table, China led the long day and the final day. But in basketball and volleyball and the women’s track bike (amnium), the American women’s team topped their home country. The United States last topped the list in Beijing in 2008, when the hosts were clearly leading with 48 to 36 gold medals.

In this year’s host country – Unknown Gold rush, Athens has won 16 gold medals since 2004 / Tokyo in 1964 with eleven wins (including nine judo gold). After winning the competition in 2013, Japan doubled its funding to about 80 million euros a year, according to the ZDF, requiring an eight-year plan from each sector. As in Austria, the wins of the state lottery in Japan are sent to sports facilities and to promote athletes. In addition – unlike in this country – corporate teams and athletes are common.

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At the time of the Olympics, the Japanese economy was motivated to invest more in athletes. Due to this and with the introduction of new games like baseball and skateboard the expectations were high. The Japanese Olympic Committee awarded 30 gold medals, bringing the total to 27. But this is a national record.