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Omikron at Kiel Disco 'Max': Report 400 as contact persons - Politics

Omikron at Kiel Disco ‘Max’: Report 400 as contact persons – Politics

Celebrate Christmas at Max’s Club in Kiel. At least one of them was injured omicron. Now more than 400 disco-goers are registered as contact persons. The Kiel health department has reached its limits.

There were supposed to be more out there in Max. Because during the weekend, the office server was down. The city announced on Monday.

Official record of the outbreak so far: Twelve people were directly injured at the party. Another infection was due to previous contact.

The number of new infections per 100,000 residents within seven days in Kiel rose to 364.2 as of Sunday. Six days ago, the value was 153.3. 1,256 people are currently injured in the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein. According to the city, it is mainly affected people between the ages of 20 and 39 (about 53 percent). In the previous week, the spectrum was much wider.

“I appeal to all Kiel residents to take responsibility for themselves as a contact person to go into quarantine,” Mayor Rinat Triotl said in light of the heavy burden on the Ministry of Health. This will be further enhanced in the coming weeks.

Treutel is currently represented by Mayor Ulf Kämpfer (SPD), who is absent due to leave.

Recently, 820 disco visitors were quarantined due to the Omikron variant.

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