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On “Let's Dance” Victoria surprises Swarovski with a new look

On “Let's Dance” Victoria surprises Swarovski with a new look

The Let's Dance dance floor is open again! The second show of the season kicked off on Friday evening (March 8, 2024), immediately after the preview and first live broadcast. Under the slogan “The 90s are back,” the nominees dance to popular tunes that have dominated the charts for more than 25 years.

But before the dancing couples shake the dance floor, a surprise happens. Broadcaster Victoria Swarovski (30 years old) presented herself with a completely new and unusual look for her audience.

Wig or dyed?

Some viewers may have had to look twice: while presenter Daniel Hartwich (45) appeared with his usual haircut and simple black suit, his moderating partner chose a different style.

“What's on Victoria's head?”

Instead of straight dark blonde hair, the 30-year-old sported long dark brown hair with thick bangs. She paired it with a tight silver dress made of shiny material. Whether the new hairstyle is just a wig or whether the Austrian has recently dyed her hair has not been resolved on the show. Viewers are upset online. Comments like “I just saw it: what's on Victoria's head?” Or “Why don't they show Swarovski's face under wigs anymore?” Located on X (formerly Twitter). It has not yet been determined whether it is truly a wig or if Victoria's hair is freshly dyed.

The '90s Show was once again a special for celebrities on Friday. The popular theme, in which couples dance to songs of the decade, is a recurring highlight of the show. In addition, each of the current 13 couples has to show off a solo dance again today.

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