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On the trail of mysterious natural phenomena around the world

On the trail of mysterious natural phenomena around the world

In the dark forest Australia You don't need a flashlight, there are mushrooms that shine all night long. Colorful bacteria do the magic again America The hot springs have motifs and patterns reminiscent of abstract paintings. Even in the middle of a barren landscape Sultanate of Oman Nature offers surprises: a green desert opens in unexpected places, with waterfalls where you can relax wonderfully.

In our world there are the most impressive and strange natural phenomena, some of which are considered real miracles due to their uniqueness. Travel novelist Jules Verne once said: “Look with both eyes, see.” Most natural wonders are located in hidden or inaccessible places, often revealing themselves at second glance. Fortunately, today's insiders and tourism experts can help with guided tours, for example from “natural selection” or Luxury scenic cruises and tours Which leads to hidden natural phenomena in the world. To find these things, you can really use some real insider knowledge. If you prefer to go it alone, maybe you can Orgeon Infinite Star Park, you can learn more about the country in advance. About with these Podcast by Dirk Rohrbach.

Colorful mountains and seas of stars

The adventurer and photographer is a doctor by profession, but… Hidden trails in oregon He digs into more detail and shares his tips and experiences in his podcasts. This is another way to allow yourself the temptation to dream and discover the wonderful secrets of the world. Rohrbach describes Oregon's Pacific coast as “wild and gorgeous” and talks about the dramatic belt of dunes in the feature on the Coastal Adventure Trail. In the sandy landscape and dunes over 150 metres, even a world sandboarding champion gives sandsurfing lessons. Just a few miles away, you can go whale watching on a kayak tour around Port Orford Heads State Park.

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To the last of the seven Natural wonders Oregon, the Painted Hills, which Rohrbach talks about in part two of the podcast “Oregon's Hidden Trails,” have a history spanning millions of years vividly etched into the layers of the mountains. Each era presents itself in a different shade of yellow, gold, black and red. Experts make their pilgrimage here in the late afternoon, when the light is at its most beautiful. Colors change depending on the location of the sun and humidity.

In Oregon, the boundless starry skies and colorful Painted Hills enchant.

©traveloregon.com_joni Cabana

Orgeon's dark starry skies are also a magnet for stargazers. Because according to“Dark Sky International” With light pollution increasing twice as fast as population growth, and about 83 percent of the world's population living under light-polluted skies, nature-loving Oregonians have developed sustainable lighting concepts and declared Lake County the world's largest light protection zone. This two-and-a-half million hectare protected landscape area in southern Oregon is designated as “Dark Sky Sanctuary“eye.

Desert sand and waterfalls

also Africa Scores with Natural glasses Between sky and sea. This is how the mysterious ring-shaped coastal fog is calculated Namibia Skeleton Coast National Park is one of the highlights of a journey from the arid wilderness of the Hoanib Valley to the wind-sculpted dunes of the Skeleton Coast.

On the way from the Namibian desert to the Atlantic Ocean, a mysterious coastal fog appears on the Skeleton Coast, in “Skeleton Coast.”
national park”

© Natural selection

The route from “Hoanib Valley Camp” to “Shipwreck Lodge” starts from Traveling It was described as “one of the most impressive tours of her life”. Shipwreck Lodge, the only lodge in the Temple Coast National Park, is located 45 km north of Moevenbucht, in the river oasis of the Huarusepp River.

An oasis of luxury and comfort amidst the rugged landscape – Shipwreck Lodge

© Natural selection

From here, adventurers explore the landscape of the Skeleton Coast or spot endangered wildlife such as lions, hyenas, jackals, chamois, black rhinos, desert elephants or the Mount Hartmann's zebra in the national park.

Wadi Hoanib camp at sunset

© Natural selection

Athletes look forward to skiing or surfing the expansive sand dunes all year round. Others prefer trips to the close colonies of Gull Bay or to the beaches that give the coast its name: there are countless whale bones lying in the sand next to the wrecks of half-sunken ships.

The northwestern Kaokoveld region is one of the most remote and unique regions in sub-Saharan Africa. Sand dunes, craggy mountains and desert plains characterize an expanse of land criss-crossed by dry rivers. Despite the rugged terrain, there are a variety of flora and fauna here. After combating poaching, the animal population has stabilized and the number of rhinos has increased thanks to the Save the Rhino Trust. Namibian myrrh also grows here, as its aromatic essential oils are sought after for aromatherapy.

Adventurers will also find a surprising mix of sand and water Sultanate of OmanOn the Arabian Peninsula in the Dhofar coastal plain. Here, in the three summer months during the monsoon rains from June to September, temperatures in the far south of the Sultanate drop to 20 degrees Celsius. This results in a beautiful landscape: barren slopes covered in dense cloud forest vegetation.

In Dhofar, Oman, there is a magical fairytale forest with waterfalls in the middle of the desert

©Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, Sultanate of Oman

The old capital, Salalah, has a tropical climate. Salalah, famous for its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and luxury hotels, is also nicknamed the “Caribbean of the East.” The waterfalls in the mountains, Wadi Darbat, with its six waterfalls falling more than 20 meters high in a wide cave with blue water and white sand, surrounded by lush greenery, is considered a true natural wonder. You are not allowed to bathe in it.

Around the town of Maspalomas on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria, the landscape of sand dunes sparkles at sunset. In the southeastern part the city is separated from the sea by sand dunes

© Mauritius Images / Westend61 / CSSHOT/Westend61 / CSSHOT Images/Mauritius

There is also another well-known holiday paradise, namely Canary Islandsrecords the magic of a magical natural phenomenon: sand dunes Maspalomas It is about six kilometers long and is located between Playa del Inglés and the famous old lighthouse. in Gran Canaria Rugged volcanic mountains, black lava, white-sand beaches and sand dunes meet fertile valleys with pine forests. The 400-hectare ecosystem is also a bird sanctuary amidst the sand dunes, where the small lake of Charca de Maspalomas is located. If you want, you can explore the desert-like landscape of sand dunes on camel back.

Illuminated underwater world

the the great Barrier Reef in Australia It continues to make headlines: coral reefs are threatened by environmental pollution, are subject to strict nature protections and are constantly bleaching.

Hop on a scuba diving bike on luxury cruises to the colorful depths of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.


From with the luxury exploration yacht Landscape Eclipse II Sailing, the last witnesses of the colorful underwater world can be seen C-BobA diving scooter with which you can dive up to 40 metres.

Magic sea sparkle, glowing mushrooms and colorful springs

The Dalai Lama says: “Once a year you should visit a place you have never been before.” So how about a trip to… South AustraliaWhere the sea itself becomes a natural marvel? Off the coast of Port Lincoln, on the Eyre Peninsula, the shimmering waves can be observed again and again: the magical glow of the sea. The natural phenomenon of “bioluminescence” causes small fish, plankton, fungi and insects to glow in the dark through a chemical reaction. Travelers make pilgrimages to the beach at night, especially during the summer bloom season, to experience the spectacle of glowing blue algae.

The glowing ghost mushroom grows in pine forests on the Limestone Coast south of Adelaide

© Dean Weekly/deandocuments

There is also a mysterious sparkle in the pine forests of the “Limestone Coast” in the south of the country Adelaide to observe. Ghost mushrooms, creamy white in daylight, turn neon green at night. To find them, you can book a Ghost Mushroom Lane tour in May and June. There are also white sand beaches and hidden stalactite caves. If you like red wine, visit Adelaide's famous wine producers.

Another great place to draw crowds is at the oldest national park on Earth,”Yellowstone National Park” in Wyoming, Part of the “Great American West.” The sparkling and colorful geysers of the Grand Prismatic Geyser, with a diameter of 91 metres, the third largest thermal spring in the world, are a popular photograph. Along with Old Faithful, it is one of the national park's hotspots due to its brilliant shades of orange, yellow and green surrounding the deep blue waters.

The magnificent Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

© Mauritius Images / Axiom RF / Tom Murphy / Axiom RF / Tom Murphy / Mauritius Images

Here too, microorganisms that settle on the edges of the 50-metre-deep spring are responsible for the manipulation of colours. Anyone who hikes off the informal “Picture Hill” trail via the “Fairy Falls” trail to the “Imperial” hot springs, which cascade into a small pool, can refresh themselves at the 67-meter-high “Fairy Falls.”