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One of the most modern screening plants is being built in Austria

One of the most modern screening plants is being built in Austria

A joint venture plans one of Europe’s newest lightweight packaging sorting systems: (from left) Michael Wiener, CEO Grüner Punkt; Kurt Bernegger Management Bernegger and Christoph Scharff, CEO of ARA. (Photo: Schnabl PR/APA Photo Service/Schedl)

Austria should double the recycling of plastic packaging by 2025. With 15 plants in the country and sorting capacities of 1,000 to 30,000 tons per year, this goal is currently unattainable. A new screening facility in Upper Austria aims to address this As of 2025, process about 100,000 tons of lightweight packaging from the yellow container and bags for subsequent recycling. To this end, Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA), Der Grüne Punkt and Bernegger joined forces to form a joint venture.

Christoph Scharf, Ara Board Member, explains what is required to meet the EU’s recycling quotas from 2025: “The simple calculation is: 80 x 80 x 80. We have to collect 80 percent of all packaging, and sort 80 percent of it for recycling. And recycling it itself also yields an 80 percent return. Then the 50 percent recycling rate target for plastic packaging can be met. Today we’re 58 x 58 x 78 (percent) – and the recycling rate is 25 percent. So we have to double our production in the next three years. With the new screening facility, we have the capacity and technology we need in time for 2025.”

Why is the new screening system so important for Austria

The new sorting facility will close the geographical sorting gap in northern Austria, which currently requires longer transportation routes to more distant sorting facilities in Austria and neighboring countries. “By setting up the factory in Ennshafen, we maintain the added value in Austria and create new jobs in the high-tech digital environment of the Enns raw material park of the future,” said Bernegger General Manager Kurt Bernegger.

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The investment in the new plant is about 60 million euros. It will be the largest facility of its kind in Austria. ARA and Der Grüne Punkt ensure the necessary capacity utilization.

“Germany faces the same challenges as Austria, and we have to increase the recycling rates and therefore the depth of sorting for lightweight packaging. We are taking every opportunity to increase the quality and quantity when sorting our packaging. For us, the factory in Upper Austria is an important component in achieving our goals,” explains Michael Wiener CEO of Green Dot.

A big advantage of the new system: the use of higher capacities ensures lower unit costs and therefore efficient and effective sorting. The labeled packaging is delivered for recycling and used as a single-origin material to manufacture new products.

source: green dot