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One word was enough: An Israeli minister raises a scandal after the attack on Iran

One word was enough: An Israeli minister raises a scandal after the attack on Iran

One word was enough
An Israeli minister raises a scandal after the Iranian attack

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Itamar Ben Gvir always stands out with his harsh tone of voice. After the attack on Iran, the far-right Israeli politician angered the opposition with a single word – and offered an interesting hint about possible responsibility for the attack.

In Israel, right-wing Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir was criticized for his comments regarding reports of a suspected Israeli attack in Iran. Ben Gvir apparently wrote on the X electronic service regarding the bombings in Iran: “Pathetic!” According to critics, he indirectly attributed responsibility to Israel, but criticized the measure as too weak.

According to Iranian official media reports, three explosions rocked the Isfahan region of Iran during the night. American television channels, citing government circles in Washington, reported that this was an Israeli retaliation for the massive Iranian attack on Israel last weekend. After the attack on Israel, Ben Gvir called for strict retaliation.

Israel did not initially issue any official statements regarding the explosions in Iran. Neither the Israeli army nor the government commented when asked. With his comment, Ben Gvir indirectly admitted that it was an act of Israeli retaliation, as his critics complained.

Opposition leader Jair Lapid wrote as a mockery and disgrace.

International politics expert Shayel Ben Ephraim Ben Gvir criticized “for confirming and mocking the Israeli operation.” “In doing so, he is undermining Israel's deterrence. It is an absolute disgrace to the minister,” he wrote on X.

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