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Only Schmidhofer candidate as ÖSV President - the duo have been given up

Only Schmidhofer candidate as ÖSV President – the duo have been given up

The issue of the new president of the Austrian Skating Association was only clarified after a seven-hour meeting of the election commission. Styria regional association president Karl Schmidhofer, who was up and running at short notice, was surprisingly nominated Wednesday night by the votes of six of the nine regional association presidents with three abstentions. Over the course of the day, the remaining three societies also gave up.

Former candidates Michael Walchhofer and Renate Guchl also announced their abdication on Wednesday. The president’s long-term successor, Peter Schroxnadl – no longer running for office after 31 years – will not be decided at a ballot at the international conference in Villach on 19 June. In the evening at ZIB 2 of the ORF, Schmidhofer reported that approval of Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Styria was added throughout the day and that all nine regional leagues were behind and nominated.

On the issue of Schröcksnadel’s continuing influence on the economic spheres of the ÖSV, Schmidhofer said that not only will Schröcksnadel resign from the presidency on June 19, but also resign from management in companies – as far as in person – via a notary representing. Schmidhofer assured that he did not need any whispering to himself. “I am known that in business I have always managed my companies very independently.“ I didn’t have any whispers in Styria either, ”said Schmidhofer.

The election commission – the heads of the nine regional federations – was unable to agree on a Walchhofer or Götschl at a hotel in Anif on Tuesday. That is why Lower Austrian Stefan Lappenbacher proposed to his Styrian colleague Schmidhofer. This garnered wide approval. “I would be happy if I could serve ÖSV with all my strength so we can stay where the whole world sees us, number one.” Schmidhofer said in another interview with ORF: “I would like to be in the vanguard and lead ÖSV with the whole team.”

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Despite an initial abstention, the 59-year-old ÖVP National Council member said he was “very satisfied with the vote” that night. As planned, he initially duly filed a nomination with Götchl. Schmidhofer later said in ZIB 2. He did not stab his candidate in the back. Gottschel himself admitted he was surprised by the result. “Everything is incomprehensible to me,” said the former ski racer. “But this is the case.”

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Güchel previously stated that she would no longer run for the presidency of ÖSV. The former world champion and World Cup winner said she did not want to open the differences between the national associations any further. “I hope for a good future for ÖSV and for sporting success to come to the fore again.” Götschl will accept the proposal of the Styrian association and will be its future president. The Styrian announced that they would support Schmidhofer’s candidacy.

Salzburg Walchhofer, previously traded as the favorite, told the APA Wednesday that he could gain a lot more from midfielder Schmidhofer. The owner of the hotel from Zuchense stressed that “if he wins broad approval, this is only beneficial for skiing.” Needless to say, he won’t run any further.

Walchhofer appears to have failed mainly due to Tyrol’s resistance. Walchofffer said there was a remarkably good basis for the discussion on Tuesday night. He wanted to try to team up with Götschl, but Styrian did not attend the meeting at which the Walchhofer concept was introduced again. So it remained with the strong rejection of the Union of Tyrol, which always appointed the president last. “I think it is a shame that the Tyrolean president wished for me to be elected, but he was not having the support of the presidency,” Walchover explained. “Now I have more time.”

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Schmidover, the uncle of former Super-G world champion Nicole Schmidover, said he was very satisfied with “being well-equipped with the vote.” Styrian, who has many years experience in tourism, as a cable car manager and sports official, explained: “I know my way around sports equipment, and I know my way around the economy, so ÖSV can count on me.

Schmidhofer announced that he would resign from his mandate to the National Council in September when he was elected Chairman of the ÖSV. Due to time constraints, both tasks cannot be reconciled. He could move from the National Assembly to an honorary position “because I built it so well economically that I could afford it. I will do everything I can for ÖSV”.

The management consultant was, among other things, the managing partner of Lachtal Seilbahnen (1993-2014) and Kreischberg Seilbahnen (2001-2014), the owner and managing director of Lift GesmbH St. Lambrecht-Grebenzen (2015-2018) and Managing Director of Hauser Kaipling Silpan (2019).

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