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Opera stars sign the Golden Book at Graz City Hall in 5 minutes

Opera stars sign the Golden Book at Graz City Hall in 5 minutes

The visit was associated with an entry in the city’s Golden Book. The general manager of Bühnen signed off on organizing the visit Bernard Renner responsible. Mosul was also invited Marcus Merkel. He is the founder of “Junge Philharmonie Berlin” and “Junge Konzert Graz” and he works as a cablemester at the Graz Opera.

pure goosebumps

When they appear on the cassette stage, Kaufman and Opolis give you goosebumps – and not just for big opera fans. The minimalist awakens a great enthusiastic offer for Kaufman to play: “Not only do you have to convince the audience of the character you’re sneaking into, you also have to convince yourself.” What makes the star smile is the fact that Tosca in Graz is an outdoor event: “Although you don’t feel a raindrop because of the cover.”

The tenor, one of the most desirable characters in the world, was accompanied by his wife Christian And his two-and-a-half-year-old son Valentinewho got Graz Wimmelbuch from the mayor. Christine Opolis confirmed that she felt very comfortable in Graz and that the audience was great.

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