Vice But Not Wise President – Hamid Ansari

The parting shot of former Vice President of India, although it was political and intended to discredit Modiji, has brought more disgrace to the former Vice President than to anyone. It was so unbecoming of him to deem his stature so low to make a statement that Muslims in India feel unsafe.

The only community in India can say they were made to feel unsafe by British rulers and Mughal emperors were Hindus. A scholar of his stature, former Vice President of India should not have demeaned his position by making such irresponsible statement.

As a student of science, I too feel sad and oppressed by the push of the Government to promote faith based health care practices as medical science and drug and cure based system. As a responsible citizen, we are continuously presenting various facts to the Government not to promote occultism, obscurantism and non-science as medical science. We the citizens can do only this. The people who have had decorated high office must follow a certain degree of restraining, public decency and statesmanship before making any public statement that Muslims feel highly insecure in India.

India has been ruined by most of those corrupt politicians in the name of pseudo-secularism. They were always targeting the minority communities and pitting them against the majority. At ground level, no Muslim or Christian when they interact with a Hindu and vice versa keep their religion or faith in the centre. No one bothers about others religion or faith system these days when they deal any business with each other. The present generation has gone much away from petty religion or caste or community-based identity. Even if such people exist, they are highly marginal and minuscule.

When people lose their relevance they naturally resort to certain actions/statement even if it demeans their stature and glory and the best example being the statement of former Vice President of India.

Modiji is reforming the country. He is doing his best to correct and undo many crimes and injustices done to our country by the ‘dynasty raj’ over several decades.

It is not easy to build new India. The ingredients essential for building new India may be easily available but the real problem of Modiji is that where does he dumb all the scraps and waste materials from Indian politics that were ruining our country until Modiji become Prime Minister of our nation?

Disposing of the waste and scrapes in the Indian politics is the biggest challenge for Modiji. Removing all those corrupts from Indian politics has been achieved partly by Modiji but after isolation and removal, how do we dispose of them is the real big question.

Our judiciary system is going slow (at perception level) may be purposefully on all corruption cases as the prisons across the country also cannot accommodate the number of corrupts and criminals in Indian politics who are likely to end up in prison.

The dilemma of Modiji is about whether he should focus more on the development and create robust systems to prevent corruption and black money or build more prisons on the fast track so that all those criminals are quickly sent to prison and there shall be no delay due to want of prison space.

When youths of India trace the history of those who made an irresponsible statement on the last of day of office naturally the answer has come as no surprise that all those people were from a political party. So what they reflect is nothing but the culture of that party and nothing else. Feathers of the same bird flock together.

People of India want all those politicians to repeat the same slogan over and over again so that they remain away from India and are no more relevant and powerful to ruin the country when Modiji cruise towards victory and glory in building new India.

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S.Ranganathan is a scientist with doctoral degree in medical microbiology. He is an avid reader, thinker, nature & wildlife lover who works tirelessly to make the world free of superstition, caste and God. Besides seeing the wonderment of nature through the lens of biology, also see the management perfection and fundamentals present in every fauna and flora from its origin, adaptation, behaviour and reproduction. An ardent follower of UG Krishnamoorthy’s iconoclastic temperaments and always wants the humanity to free from the burden of past and faith based concepts and practices. Human thoughts associated with archaic-ism and obscurantism is the real enemy of human progression, therefore every one must evolve mentally than bodily is the fundamental philosophy he tries to propagate.