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King Charles sets a law to deport British people to Rwanda…

King Charles sets a law to deport British people to Rwanda…

King Charles has given his approval to a controversial law allowing migrants to be deported to Rwanda regardless of their actual origin. Great Britain is paying the relatively small country in Africa a sum in the millions for this.

A controversial law has come into force in Great Britain through which the conservative government wants to force the deportation of migrants to Rwanda. Parliament passed the law on Tuesday night, and now it has been approved by King Charles III. into force. The law received what is called royal approval, and was announced on Thursday in the Senate of Parliament.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's government no longer wants to give migrants arriving illegally the opportunity to apply for asylum in Great Britain. Instead, it should be possible for them to be deported to Rwanda and apply for asylum there, regardless of their actual origin. There are no plans to return to Great Britain.

Britain pays Rwanda millions

The aim of the regulation is to prevent people from crossing the English Channel in small boats. The British government pays millions to Rwanda for the deal. Great Britain's highest court declared the asylum agreement illegal and justified it with doubts about the rule of law in Rwanda. Critics accuse the East African country of violating human rights.

The new law aims to overturn the ruling by declaring Rwanda a safe third country and preventing appeals in British courts against deportations. The Refugee Council, which campaigns for refugees, criticized the plans and warned of high costs, chaos and human suffering. The organization said that the government risks implicating tens of thousands of people in the system. (Abba)

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