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Opus says goodbye out loud at Wiesen

Opus says goodbye out loud at Wiesen

On Friday, the musicians stood on stage for the last time at the festival site in Wiesen, Burgenland and called their audiences loudly. They were supported by Minisex and Reinhold Bilgeri. It turned out to be an evening full of nostalgia and memories, where the musicians wanted to prove one thing above all: they can still do it. “48 years of composition is enough. We need a few more years for other things,” chief official Herwig Rödeser said at the start of the concert. After the tour, the band wants to retire. It’s time for one last trip together in 48 years and 16 albums. The band played one title At least off every album, and thus extended an arc from 1981’s “Eleven,” which Opus first became famous, to their new and final single, “We Made It.” The musicians did twice as best — to be on the safe side, after Everything, the music video was filmed at the concert, in which visitors had previously taken a short “dance course”.

Among the hit songs such as “Flyin’ High”, Opus also mixed with titles that were rarely heard directly before, such as “My Style”. He got really rowdy with the song “Live is Life”. In the event of an international hit, rarely anyone in the audience stayed in their seats. In any case, Ops have not lost any of their energy and enthusiasm in the past 48 years, as they demonstrated on Friday. Not only songs, but performances as well.

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