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OR - Nearly 160 tons of dead fish were found in Poland

OR – Nearly 160 tons of dead fish were found in Poland

According to the Polish fire brigade, they have so far recovered nearly 160 tons of dead fish from the Oder and smaller rivers. A spokeswoman for the fire department’s headquarters said Saturday that a total of 158 tons. The majority of dead fish are counted from the oder. According to previous information from the Ministry of the Environment, at least 36 tons were found in Brandenburg.

The smallest river in Poland is the River Neer, which originates in the south of لودód and flows into the Warta. It has nothing to do with Oder. The dead fish had also been floating in the yoke for a few days. The reason is not explained.

Researchers suspect the presence of a species of toxic algae

In the past few days, large numbers of dead fish have been discovered and collected in the Oder River on the Polish and German side. According to the Warsaw Interior Ministry, more than 3,000 firefighters, more than 2,000 police and 1,300 soldiers have been deployed to Poland to rescue the dead fish. Scientists say a toxic type of algae could be a major factor in killing fish. But this has not yet been proven. Other materials are currently being investigated. The Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment continues to assume that the environmental disaster had several causes.

Meanwhile, the statement of the regional president of West Pomerania, Zbigniew Bogoki, gives some hope. Accordingly, live fish can be seen again. “Where we recovered tons of dead fish a few days ago, now live fish have appeared,” Bojoki wrote on Twitter on Saturday. However, due to the lack of oxygen in the water, many fish are on the verge of suffocation and swim close to the surface. The politician posted a video showing this. Bogoki wrote in another tweet that he has now called the local fire brigade to try to aerate the water with the pumps. (Abba)

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