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Orbán caused a stir in Europe with an announcement

Orbán caused a stir in Europe with an announcement

Hungary’s proposals

The Hungarian prime minister did something similar in an announcement on the subject that he had placed in different languages ​​in several European countries over the past few days – including Wednesday’s edition of the Austrian press. In it, Orbán formulated Hungary’s “Proposals” for the future of Europe. He criticized on seven points the path he believes the European Union has taken in recent years. Orban wrote in it that Brussels is building a “superpower” and a “European empire”. He describes the European Parliament, which MEPs strongly criticize, as a “dead end” and rejects the “close unity of the peoples of Europe”. In point 5 of 7, Orban, whose signature is transcribed into the full-page declaration, wrote, “The next decade will be an era of grave challenges” and calls “mass migration” and “pandemics” potential threats. “We have to protect the European people.”

Just a few days ago, the NGO Reporters Without Borders put Viktor Orban on the list of “enemies of press freedom”. Since Orbán and his party Fidesz came to power in Hungary in 2010, they have gradually brought the media landscape under their control, reports RSF. Public broadcasters were concentrated in the state media that owns MTVA. The regional press has been wholly owned by Urban-friendly entrepreneurs since 2017. Significant independent media has been shut down.

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