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Order Team Wr.  Route - on the B1 in Purkersdorf: "You need a bike path for day trips"

Order Team Wr. Route – on the B1 in Purkersdorf: “You need a bike path for day trips”

Christkindlwald’s new bike path is ready – partly paved and partly paved. The Wiener Strasse team, which is campaigning for a B1 defuse and for a bike path along Wiener Strasse, welcomes the course, but sees the need for action.

“In our view, the decision not to pave the way in Christkindlwald to the city limits underscores the importance of a cycle path along the B1 suitable for daily use. Plans for a structurally separate cycle path from Bahnhofstrasse in Unterpurkersdorf to Josef-Palme-Platz in Vienna must be implemented quickly and using funding receptacles current,” Roman Payer asks of the Wiener Strasse team.

The path is ideal for recreational trips, but not suitable for day trips, as it is also used by pedestrians, the initiators agree. “But for day trips, shopping or the way to work, you still need a bike path that can also be used after it rains and in winter,” adds Andreas Bentinger-Kopacic, co-initiator.

Mayor Stefan Steinbechler understands the demand and asserts that it is “economically justified, as more and more people are commuting to work all year round.” In principle, the lower Austrian state fast course was planned along the B1, but there are no details yet.

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