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ÖTV: Kottingbrunn Open: Kochetkov/Ortner’s first European tennis final

ÖTV: Kottingbrunn Open: Kochetkov/Ortner’s first European tennis final

The ÖTV talents only lost in the girls’ doubles final in their home match in Lower Austria.

At the end of the European Tennis Championships season in Austria, another U14 event was held last week at TC Höllrigl Kottingbrunn. With mixed success for the young red, white and red aces. Anna Kotchitkov and Jara Ortner come close to winning the title: Vienna and Styria reached the girls’ doubles final at the Category 3 European clay court tennis tournament called Kottingbrunn Open. There they first had to admit defeat to Ksenia Rushkina (Russia) and Karolina Smedova (Czech Republic) 2:6, 1:6 – top seeds who had already beaten Avril Ilyichko and Anna Bosch 6:2, 6:4 in the semifinals . . For Kochetkov and Ortner, it was their first participation in the final of the European Tennis Championships, but in the end they were unable to win their first title.

In the girls’ individual competition, only Kara Vronek managed to reach the quarterfinals, as the Viennese player lost 2:6, 0:6 to the eventual double winner, Rushkina, who was also ranked first here. For the boys, Felix Rasser and Simon Holzwind both managed to reach the quarter-finals, the latter also losing to eventual double winner with top-ranked Slovenian Patrik Seminić. In the doubles competition, Noah Bruner and Simon Fresnegger reached the semi-finals, while Siminic was victorious alongside German Benjamin Wagner.

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