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ÖTV Women vs USA in 2023 BJK Cup

ÖTV Women vs USA in 2023 BJK Cup

ÖTV Women should go to the US, a record winner, in 2023 © APA/EVA MANHART

Austria’s tennis women, who secured a place in the qualifiers with a 3-2 home win over Latvia at the weekend, have known their next opponent since Sunday. The ÖTV group meets on 14./15. The record winner in April 2023 is none other than the USA. In addition, Marian Maruska’s team does not have home advantage this time, but must travel to America.

“Basically, it’s certainly a fascinating thing, but certainly not something without a dream — it would have been Germany,” Maruska said in his first statement. “It is a very difficult task. “We’ve beaten the USA twice and I remember the last international I played with Billie Jean King on the opposite bank in 2002 in a thrilling 3-2 win in Charlotte,” he explained. Former player.

However, she didn’t want to speculate about repeating the feeling. “The U.S. wasn’t a slight favorite, they were clear favorites. However, the Billie Jean King Cup always has its own rules. Then, when we beat them, they only had five to ten players,” recalled an ÖTV official. He hopes to compete with the best team.

According to ÖTV managing director Thomas Sweda, the ticket is “a hammer from a commercial point of view and a big challenge from a sporting point of view”. With four players in the top 14, including shooting star Goff, I am delighted that our girls were able to play against such a tennis world power. It will be a very difficult task, but nothing is impossible – Marion proved it as a player in the USA.

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Austria meets USA for the tenth time. So far, the ÖTV team has won twice, i.e. the last two meetings: in 2004, in the famous international competition at the Bergisel ski jump suburb in Innsbruck, Barbara Schett and co. They won with 4. : 1, 2002 in the aforementioned Charlotte (North Carolina) and clay 3:2.