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ÖTV Youth Indoor U14 Championship: Victory for Bircher, Niedermayer prevent home win – ÖTV

ÖTV Youth Indoor U14 Championship: Victory for Bircher, Niedermayer prevent home win – ÖTV

The ÖTV Youth Indoor Championship in the under-14 age group ended on Tuesday with the first-class finals at the STTV State Performance Center in Leibniz. Anna Bircher and Gabrielle Niedermayer confidently celebrated a double title in national title fights.

7 out of 8 Phrases to Zero: Pircher is in a class of its own

Bircher, who already became the U14 outdoor champion last year at the age of 12, again played well with the girls, dropping just three first-set matches in their opening match after a bye – and followed that up with seven 6-0 sets in a row. Top seed Leah Heider-Maurer of Burgenland had to reluctantly admit the superiority of third seed Tyrolean in the final, as she was the third player in a row who hadn’t even won a match. “Of course I feel very happy that I played so well and that everything I set out to do really worked out. Really cool! I wasn’t very good in the first match, but after that I kept getting better,” said Bircher, who also won the doubles competition with partner Kara Vronek (WTV). . In the top-seeded final, Vronek/Bircher defeated the No. 1 duo Heider-Maurer and Valentina Huschek (OÖTV) 6:4, 6:0.

Only Niedermayr can stop Local Hero Raser

In the boys’ final, Felix Raser was unable to match his performance up to that point, when he did not drop a set in all three matches and eliminated top seed Anton Kalij (BTV) 6:3, 6:4 in the semifinals. The third seed STTV player had to be defeated in the title fight by the confident second seed Gabriel Niedermayer (OÖTV) 2:6, 2:6 and thus missed the home win after a well-performed tournament. “I’m very happy. I played great today, made few mistakes, served well, played well until the end,” Niedermayer happily said in an interview on the Instagram page of the Styrian Tennis Association. Like Pircher, Niedermayr also won the doubles with Lorenz Stadler (TTV) after his singles coup and also captured the title double. Niedermayer/Stadler set the maximum penalty in the first set in the top seed final against second seed Kallig and Marcel Jelinek (WTV) and eventually kept the lead with 0:6, 6:2 and 10:4 in the tie-break match.

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Maruska with much praise for Bircher and Niedermayer and the organisation

“Gabriel and Anna were very strong and dominant in the final and deservedly won the title. During the tournament, Anna showed that she is the undisputed number one in Austria in her age group and is also one of the best players in Europe,” said ÖTV Sports Coordinator and King Billie Jean Cup captain Marion Maruska . “Bircher was generally very in control, even in the final. She never felt embarrassed and took almost every opportunity that came her way. Once a short ball arrived, she was in the field, then moved up accordingly, always had a good position on the pitch, and played with intelligence.” Very intense and knows where to play the ball.” “But you also have to say that Leia definitely didn’t have her best day. She might have planned too much for the final, and then made too many mistakes.” The former player also praised Niedermeyer in particular: “He’s left-handed, he has a very good serve, and he He used it well and served it. Cleverly, in a really good position for his age. He played very aggressively and deserved the win.” Good atmosphere with the guys. There were also many non-cash prizes for children, for example, the winners received an OMNi-BiOTiC body analysis, including a two-month supply of their products.

STTV and the city of Leibniz sum up with satisfaction

“I am glad that our training center was the venue for the Austrian Championship. Many thanks to our sponsors and partners as well as tournament organizer Stefan Schreiner and his entire team for the professional organisation, ”said Barbara Mohr, President of STTV. “We wanted to give our players a home advantage and ideal conditions with the tournament right on our doorstep in our training center. Eneas Burde and Felix Raser were able to take advantage of this opportunity and achieved great success in the domestic championship with semi-finals and finals, ”summed up STTV Vice President Philip Hochstrasser with relief. “Congratulations to all the players for the performances shown and, above all, for choosing the most beautiful sport in the world. I express my sincere thanks to all the parents and coaches who offered the players the opportunity to play tennis at such a high level, ”said Leibniz Mayor Michael Schumacher at the awards ceremony.

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Here are all the results of the ÖTV Youth Indoor U14 Championships in Leibnitz.