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'Our country is being destroyed': 'Superman' Trump also regrets in Arizona

‘Our country is being destroyed’: ‘Superman’ Trump also regrets in Arizona

‘Our country will be destroyed’
‘Superman’ Trump also sobs in Arizona

During his appearance in the Arizona Republican primary campaign, Donald Trump quickly arrived at his favorite topic: the 2020 election, which he allegedly won. At the same time, his former deputy appears only a few kilometers away. Avoids direct attacks.

Former US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence continue to compete for influence in the Republican Party. On Friday (local time), the former allies, who have become sworn opponents, fought a kind of proxy duel in the primary campaign in US state of Arizona. While Trump was campaigning for far-right governor candidate Carrie Lake, Pence organized a rally in support of her rival Karen Taylor Robson.

Carrie Lake wants to become the governor of Arizona under Donald “Superman” Trump.

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It is said that both Trump and Pence have ambitions to run for president in 2024. In Arizona, the billionaire sparked such speculation. “Maybe we should do it again,” he told his supporters, referring to his 2016 election victory and the loss of the 2020 election, which Trump once again claimed he had already won. “The elections were rigged and stolen and now our country is being systematically destroyed because of them,” the crowd called. To this day, the billionaire refuses to admit his defeat at the hands of US President Joe Biden.

Trump seeks loyalty

“We will take back the Senate. We will take back control of America, and in 2024, above all, we will take back control of the beautiful and wonderful White House,” Trump stressed, also with the goal of the important midterm elections in Congress in the fall and the series of gubernatorial elections. . In the Republican primaries, Trump, who remains hugely popular with the conservative base, wants to flex his muscles and support candidates loyal to him.

Far-right governor candidate Carrie Lake appears to belong to this group. “For the record, I think this ‘Superman’ is coming back,” she told Trump. “I hope to come back soon.”

Since Trump rescinded his nomination, he has been repeatedly courting a new nomination. In the United States, a person can serve two consecutive terms or not. Trump will be 78 when he is elected in just over two and a half years. “This amazing journey that we are taking together has just begun,” Trump said.

“Resentment from yesterday”

Parts of the Republicans want to fend off the influence of the billionaire. Among other things, they fear that Trump’s focus on his defeat in the 2020 presidential election, alleged election fraud, and the always new. The revelation about the storming of the Capitol It could hurt the party in the upcoming elections.

Former Vice President Trump Pence avoided direct attacks on the billionaire during an appearance in Phoenix and southern Arizona. In his speech, he only praised the political achievements during the “four years of the Trump and Pence administrations.” However, he later indirectly criticized Trump’s focus on the 2020 election on Twitter, saying, “If the Republican Party allows itself to be consumed by yesterday’s grudges, we will lose.”

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