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Our summer will be very hot

Our summer will be very hot

April is very cold and May is not yet showing its best side. But the summer forecasts show: At least in some federal states we are experiencing a warm summer.

Far in the foreground. Anyone who is already planning a vacation to the south can follow these plans, especially the popular holiday destination in Croatia and are expected to enjoy a warm summer. According to the summer forecast released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), northern Italy must also be spoiled by the many hours of summer. In Austria, the country will be divided, at least when it comes to getting warm in the summer. According to preliminary forecasts, the south and west have a good chance of a nice warm summer with a few rainy days. According to the current situation, the outlook for Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Vienna and Burgenland is rather bleak. Here the temperatures should be cooler and there should also be more frequent precipitation


Weather map Summer 2021

The experts are still at odds

US Special Weather Service “Accuweather” sees a hot summer with drought in large parts of Europe! “Personally, I think it’s unrealistic to have a warm or very hot summer. But wait and see. These are all just trends,” says weather expert Dominic Jung of Q.met’s Weather Service.

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