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Outriders: Worldslayer: This is what awaits you at the end of the expansion

Outriders: Worldslayer: This is what awaits you at the end of the expansion

On June 30, Friends of Outriders will get new food with the Worldslayer Expansion. ALSO INCLUDED: An extended endgame finally introduced.

Outriders: Worldslayer not only gives the co-op shooter a new campaign, new gear, expanded skills, and levels of difficulty, but also an entirely new endgame that goes beyond previous expeditions. After you fight Ereshkigal in the campaign, you can dedicate yourself to the new endgame.

The same is called Trials of Tarya Gratar and its structure is very similar to raids from other games. Tarya Gratar is an entire area where you can make your way, defeating specific bosses of increasing difficulty. Apart from that, there are optional side paths that lead you to treasure locations. There you can specifically farm equipment, eg for complete sets. There is no time limit, and you can also adjust the difficulty according to the new apocalypse levels.

Tarya Gratar has day/night changes and dynamic weather, so there are always new conditions. There are also various enemies to defeat, some of which can only be found in this area, such as camouflaged shadow monsters and their “masters”, monsters.

A base is also available for you, right at the entrance to the Tarya Gratar. There you can trade, craft or start other activities and use express travel. Tarya Gratar is of course repeatable and is a good opportunity to design new builds and improve the synergy of weapons, armor, mods and skills.

Outriders: Worldslayer – Outriders Worldslayer co-op trailer

There’s a new action-packed trailer for Outriders’ Worldslayer expansion, which will be released on June 30.