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Pacific Drive begins a special kind of road trip – SHOCK2

Pacific Drive begins a special kind of road trip – SHOCK2

in Pacific Drive Starting February 22, 2024, players will embark on a very special road trip on PC and PlayStation 5, Ironwood Studios and its publishing partner Kepler Interactive announced today. The release date of the highly anticipated game was announced through a new trailer shown during PC Games: Most Wanted. It was also announced that a deluxe physical edition of the game would be released at a later date via Maximum Games.

Venture into the “Olympic Exclusion Zone” – a sprawling area that forms the heart of Pacific Drive. Once one of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest, the Olympic Exclusion Zone is now cut off from the outside world by a 300-meter wall. Behind the Wall, the forces of nature rage unchecked, and mysterious phenomena make exploration a dangerous undertaking. Discover the diverse biomes, delve deeper into the area, learn more about its history and try to leave this surreal space alive.

Get behind the wheel of your trusty vehicle, expand and improve your vehicle to increase your chances of survival and collect more resources in the area. Mysterious voices calling you through the car radio – interrogation, warning, temptation. Will you survive and uncover the region’s secrets, or will you become a forgotten relic in the desolate landscape?

The Pacific Drive: DELUXE EDITION is available physically only and includes the game, 3 art cards from the heart of the Olympic Exclusion Zone, a ‘Traveler’s Journal’, a deluxe cover, a reversible cover, and some in-game cosmetic items for your suitcase.

Pacific Drive can already be added to the wishlist and will be released in early 2024 for PlayStation 5 and PC (on Steam and in the Epic Games Store).

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