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Panasonic is probably planning a “Megafactory” in the United States

Panasonic is probably planning a “Megafactory” in the United States

According to a Japanese media report, Panasonic wants to buy land for a “mega factory” in the United States to produce the new 4680 cells for Tesla. Accordingly, the two states are under discussion.

This was reported by the Japanese broadcaster NHK. According to unspecified sources, Panasonic plans to acquire land in Oklahoma or Kansas and invest “billions of dollars” to build the factory. However, the exact amounts are not yet stated in the report. The schedule for the start of construction and commissioning of the potential plant is not yet clear.

The 4680 cells produced there are likely to be delivered to the Tesla plant in Texas, which has relied on this new cell type from the beginning. The Texas-made model Y stands with 4680 cells Probably just before childbirth, Then the electric truck Tesla Semi and the electric pickup cyber truck with cells will also be developed there. For the current Model Y production, Tesla uses its own 4680 manufacturing facility in Fremond, California.

A few days ago Panasonic has already officially announced that it will set up a production facility for 4680 cells at its plant in Wagah, Japan. However, the announcement and the current NHK report did not provide further details on the properties and exact chemistry of the Panasonic 4680 cells.

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