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Parasites are ecologically indispensable organisms

Parasites are ecologically indispensable organisms

Hr is and still is the eternal parasite, a parasite that is spreading more and more like a harmful bacillus,” says Hitler’s Mein Kampf of the Jews’ expectation of their own annihilation. This crime against humanity is closely related to the long history of the parasite. An ancient term equally shaped by scientific and social discontent and still has to Use it to stigmatize people.

That could change now as biological parasites are increasingly recognized as environmentally indispensable and deserving of protection. Assuming that the biological parasite succeeds in saving our honor, will the image of the global enemy of the “social parasite” also disappear? Or do political and social struggles need the all-encompassing metaphor of the free exploiter’s use?

The origin of the term parasite lies in ancient Greece, where in temple festivals parasito was eaten at the table of priests: a black head. “It didn’t have negative connotations, but it was charged in a religious context,” says Andreas Moslev, who is researching, among other things, the change in the parasite’s image at the University of East Anglia.

But in ancient Rome, the Latin parasite has now mutated from some sort of job title into a pseudo-comic character. This is considered the first parasitic term – it includes personality defects. “He did dirty little things to his masters,” Moslev explains. “Annoying and weird, but no one thought these comic strips should be eliminated. A kick in the ass or a fend would have been enough.”