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Pave Commute wins the mobility of the future

Pave Commute wins the mobility of the future

The Mobility category was looking for ideas and projects that address innovative technologies related to future mobility and transportation concepts. award for Mobility of the future – supported by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) He has the app Navigation smoothing had won.

Navigation smoothing

Sustainable mobility should be worthwhile, according to this approach Navigation smoothing. The startup is based in Linz And Santa Monica In California, it wants to achieve this through the app of the same name. Pave Commute enables businesses, To save coststhe CO2 emissions According to the company, to reduce and increase employee satisfaction.

“Our app empowers employees to choose their preferred transportation options, whether… footwith the bike, Public transport Or carpooling.” Employees are provided with one Algorithm Connected with colleagues moving in the same direction. As a result, they can Pendulum sets Prototype, exchange ideas, and unify efforts directly through the application.

Sustainability is rewarded

Anyone coming to work by bike, walking, public transit or carpool will be included Vouchers or Cash prizes Reward. The app is already used by companies like Pinterest, Lucid, and Hali.

“Our platform provides valuable benefits to employers Insights into saved CO2 emissions It enables data-driven decision-making to promote sustainable mobility,” says Pave Commute.

In addition to Pave Commute, the Linz-based startup was also in the same category three times As well as the Vienna Company InstaDrive nominated.

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InstaDrive He wants to redefine the topic of leasing electric cars and combines buying, leasing and leasing. To be submitted Subscription models for electric vehicles – Similar to Netflix or Spotify. in InstaDrive In addition, all people who drive an electric car can benefit from the so-called THG service by selling CO2 certificates He earns money.

three times

Data-driven mobility analysis Presents startup Linz three times. The current situation of companies is closely examined. Accordingly, Triplex supports companies in finding a suitable location and The concept of sustainable mobility Mobility for employees. Last year, more than 60 companies in 13 countries were analyzed and advised using the Tripartite programme.

Winner last year

Last year he was able to OPEC Push through. The startup originally developed smart software (like Parkbob) to track free parking spaces and make them visible via the app. you want now OPEC the topic Shared mobility Taking it to a new level by bridging the gap between supply and demand for mobility.

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