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Pelosi on Taiwan trip: ‘It was worth it’

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has defended her visit to Taiwan despite tensions with China. “Yes, it was worth it,” the 82-year-old, who traveled to Asia last week, said in an interview with US broadcaster NBC Today. “What the Chinese are doing now is what they always do,” she said, referring to new military exercises in the Taiwan Strait. The Democrat said she had “overwhelming bipartisan support” for her visit.

According to Pelosi, China’s head of state and government Xi Jinping is in a “difficult situation.” He has problems with his economy, and he also wants to be re-elected. “He’s acting like a scary bully.”

The Chinese leadership rejects official communications from other countries to Taiwan and views visits like Pelosi’s as a provocation because it considers the island part of the People’s Republic of China. On the other hand, Taiwan has always considered itself an independent country. With its maneuvers going on since last week, the People’s Liberation Army is not only exercising a sea and air blockade, but also a possible invasion of the island.

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